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Babá é necessário urgente (Castellón)

surrey 03010 Alfondeguilla, Castellón, España.

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My name is Martin, who lived in London, United Kingdom.I job as managing director in an insurance company and my wife works at a large hospital as a Nurse.We are going out, God-fearing type who always like to treat other people and the real way they would like to be treated as well, I'm looking for someone to get the children ready in the morning, prepare breakfast and to clarify the family, make the beds, and take the kids to school, which is about one 1.5 kilometers on foot. The Nanny then need to pick them up at 3.20and care for them until we home.We will ask the nanny to care for children 1-2 nights a week.We have a cleaner too big, so there would be no work domestic heavy. There is some light cleaning and laundry, it would take about 90 minutes per day total.There would be much free time during the day to go to school or part time studies, and there is much good in the area area . How does live a Nanny: The Nanny have her own room, which is huge and has a double bed with sitting area and TV / DVD / Video / Hi-Fi. There is wireless broadband internet in house.Working hours: 07.30 to 09.00 and ********* Plus about60-90 minutes of housework a day to fit in with schedule.25 Nanny-30 hours per week Benefits : I would like you to know that I'll pay a sum of 500 pounds per week for each week and an allowance of 100 pounds a week to buy some things for you and I will also be responsible for some of the funds for your trip Documents. would like to put my children in their children care.My are just lovers of computer games, and free non-allergic people especially for strangers.I I wonder if you would care giver to my children, kindly reply me through my private e-mail below if you are sure to take care of them, Monday - Friday.If you are really interested in taking care of my children and please call me on +********* Cell number and below is my e - Contact Email

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